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Mufflers offered by Mile High RC


Muffler Silencers

Muffler Silencer for the Stock DLE-20 and DLE-35RA RC Model Gas Engine Muffler - Purchase 2 for DLE-35RA

Muffler Silencer for DLE 20 Buy 2 for DLE 35RA

Fits Exhaust exit with ID of 14.4mm / .57"

$16.00 Each

Muffler Silencer for the Stock DLE-55 and DLE-55RA RC Model Gas Engine Muffler - Purchase 2 for DLE-55RA

Muffler Silencer for DLE 30. Buy 2 for 55RA,60 twin

Fits Exhaust exit with ID of 18.6mm / .73"

$17.00 Each



Stock Style Mufflers


Stock Style DLE 20 Muffler

(not for the RA Version)


DLE55 Muffler

Stock Style Muffler

Fits DLE55 / EME55/60 SE/DLA 56


DLE111 Muffler

Stock Style Muffler (open no baffeling)

Fits EME 120, DLE 111, SE/DLA 112 

$76.99 (Pair)


DLE35RA Stock Style Muffler


DLE20 Side dump Muffler



Stock Style Mufflers ready for Smoke


DLE30 Smoke Muffler

Smoke Muffler for DLE 30 / EME 35


Smoke Muffler for DLE 35RA




DLE55 Smoke Muffler

Smoke Muffler for DLE 55 / EME 55/60




DLE111 Smoke Muffler

Smoke Muffler for DLE 111 / EME 120



Pitts Mufflers

Pitts Muffler DLE20

Pitts Muffler for DLE20 

Comes with bolts and Gasket


Pitts Muffler for 26-30CC

(Fits DLE30/EME35) Size Diagram



Pitts Muffler 40CC-60CC

Pitts Muffler for 40 - 60CC


$60.00 On Sale $49.00

DLE55 Pitts muffler

Pitts Muffler for DLE55, DLA56, GP50R, EME55/60


Pending Production

New Style Pitts muffler DLE55, DLA/SE56

GP50R, EME55/60




Canister Muffler Mounts

Carbon Fiber Single Canister Mount

Fits 55-65mm Canisters


Carbon Fiber Double Canister Mount

Fits 55-65mm Canisters



Canister Mufflers


Canister Muffler 20CC-30CC

Canister Muffler 20-30CC Engines


Pending Production

Rear Exit Canister Set 20-30CC


Pending Production

DLE 30CC Canister Muffler

26-35cc Canister DLE30/EME35

$98.00 - $69.00

New 26-40CC Rear Exit Canister Fits DLE30, EME 35, SE32, DLA32, etc..

Dimensions    Why is it so quiet and efficient

$98.00 - $69.00

DLE55 Canister Muffler

Canister for DLE/EME55/60 (40-60CC)

With Updated Header - Dimensions   


DLE111 Canister Muffler

100-130cc Canister DLE111/EME120

With Updated Header (90mm drop)

$149.00 (Pair)


Scratch and dent Canisters - Do not impact performance or usability but they do have some dings on the cans. Come with headers and clips. 

26-35cc Canister Front Exit DLE30/EME35

Scratch and Dent


Out of Stock

Canister Front Exit for DLE/EME55/60 (40-60CC) With Updated Header

Scratch and Dent- Dimensions   


Out of Stock


40-60CC Tuned Pipe 

40-60CC Tuned pipe. Requires header and coupler. Pipe is 726mm long (28.7 in), 55mm Diameter (2.16 in), 25.5mm (1 in) inlet. 

Requires 25mm header and coupler. Use 2 for 80-120cc twins.


Flex Headers

Header only for DLE30 / EME 35 (26CC-35CC)


Header only for DLE 55/DLA&SE56 / EME55 and EME 60



Flex Headers (pair) For DLE 111 / EME 120 (90mm Drop)

$79.00 (Set)


Smoke Header only for 50/55/56 EME 55 and EME 60






All Products are guaranteed to be free from manufactures defects and operate as stated. Please take advantage of our guarantee if you have any problems. We also like to know how our products stack up and how you like them, so after use please drop us a line with your flight impressions. The more we know the more we can help the next guy.

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