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Before we get into the RC videos check out this video featuring a WWII Ace and his P-51.

So far all of our Videos are shot with a Flight deck of 4906 feet above sea level, at almost a Mile High, this means the closer to sea level you are the better your performance will be. 

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Newest Videos

The 50CC Extra

The 50CC Extra dead sticks on me.

3548-5 Running the 3D Hobby Shop 51" AJ Slick. Not quite sure of the flying weight but definitely on the low side of expected weight. However we are definitely on the upper end of suggested amp range on this motor. That said after about 40 or so flights she is holding up just fine.

3548-5 Another in the Slick. Let me just say the battery in this one... well.. sucks. But still a fun plane to fly. A pretty windy day as see on the initial taxi.

2826-14 Running on the Aero Works Extra 260EP. This motor has the power but is a little light. We had to swap the ESC and battery location for nose weight to get the correct CG. We will be putting a little bigger, and slightly slower motor in this one, it has a little to much pitch speed to find that good hover spot in the throttle. 

2826-14 Another in the Aero Works Extra 260 EP

2826-14 Fun quick video of the SportLine 3D great little 3mm depron plane

2826-14 Running the SportLine 3D 3-cell 800mah

4250-7 User Submitted video. Here is what the pilot has to say about his set up.

being flown on a very windy day 14-18 mph. The plane is an acromaster with a flight weight just under 6.5 lbs and the motor is flying on a 4200 mah 4 cell lipo. It is propped with an apc 12x8. Even with this small prop on this motor it was way overpowering the plane. I am going to move down to a 12x5.5 and see how that does. My throttle stick never moves past 50% in this entire video this motor is very powerful.

3548-5 User Submitted video of the great planes Super Sportster. Converted to brushless and lipo power with the stock 12" prop.

3542-6 User Submitted video of the Multiplex Magister. Running 3-cell and an APC 12x8 prop. Flying at just over 83oz.

2826-14 Running the Pulama EPP Good set up on 2-cell with APC SF prop. But I actually prefer the GWS HD props, gives a touch more pitch speed.

2830-12 Running the Stevens aero Stella. With 3-cell 1500mah and 11x4.7 pack. She is a little heavy flying at 18.8oz. But she does well. To do over again we would run a micro receiver and maybe a 1100-1300mah 3-cell.

5055-6 3DH 55" SHP. This is a rather mellow flight with this motor on a 3DH 55" Extra SHP running 3200mah 20C 4-cell packs and 14x6 prop (we usually run a 15x7). Makes a good setup and turns heads with the exceptional pull out power on the 4Lb 12oz. bird.  

3DH 47" SHP - We had to build some short stand offs to mount this motor. The stand offs were cut a little crooked. All said and done still a good motor for this 36.6 ounce bird on 3-cell. Incase you are familiar with this plane the RTF weight is actually under the manufacturers suggested weight. I think that is a first for us. Even with the out of whack thrust line she still flies well.

3DH 47" SHP - Running a 4-cell 2200mah with an APC 12x6 E prop (about 500 Watts). We still have the stand off issue and it is magnified a bit with the added RPM. With the 4-cell we are still coming in a bit under the 40 ounce range.

Eratix 25E with the 3520 outrunner - (24Megs). Nice flying bird. Great power system for it. She is flying close to 4 pounds with the 4-cel 3200mah packs.

500XTH - In the SA Grove. Running an APC 11x4.7 SF prop on a 3-cell 2200mah 20C pack and 35 amp esc. Could be the retirement flight for this great plane. Hangar rash and two years of flying are taking it's toll.

3520 in an Eratix 25E - The Eratix is a great flying bird. This entire flight I was fighting a poor CG placement. We are running a 4-cell 4000mah in this one. It's a great set up for this size bird. But 3-cell fly's a bit better. No full throttle level flight with the 4-cell as it goes fast enough to vibrate the wing tips.

400XT Type A Video

400XT - Flying an F3A EPP foam bird. 800mah 3-cell with an 9 x 3.8 prop good set up.

GWS ME-109 - This is a nice fun flyer. What a shaky hand launch... Very nice flyer for our altitude.

GWS Slow Stick - Nice set up. Good thrust and at full throttle it's just fast enough to get a very minor flutter from the wings. Flight times I am guessing 20-30 minutes.

400T Type A Video

GWS Formosa - This was the 1st Formosa we built. As you can see by the Video it is bruised and battered. The cowling is gone in pieces scattered here and their. The canopy is gone, replacement was made form the fuselage of a $2.00 foam glider from wal-mart.  But it is a blast to fly something about the GWS planes they fly better once you get a little epoxy on them. Weighing in around 20 oz the 400T pushes it along very well.

GWS Formosa w/WIND - This is the same plane as the above video. But here in Colorado we get some serious wind before a big thunder storm comes through. For some reason this plane loves the wind. Wind is blowing from right to left on your screen. You can see the wind blow the plane from right to left in some of the vertical shots. We love this set up with a big thunderstorm rolling in it's fun and actually fairly easy to control.

Tiger Moth 400 -  The 400TA and 8x6 prop is admittedly a little to much for this plane and not scale flight. A better set up maybe a 9 x 3.8 prop, maybe a 7x6, or even gear it 2:1 and try a bigger prop maybe a 11x8 for slower more scale flight.

Tiger Moth Crash Video - Well, we are not quite sure what the heck happened. This video was taken about 30 minutes after the above video. The plane just freaked out. We have seen quick glitches before with the GWS receivers (that is why we use Hitec receivers). But we have never had more then just a quick quiver glitch. Needless to say this crash retired this plane (for the time being).

GWS Corsair - The 400TA direct with an 8x6 prop. Nice war bird set up. It is fun to fly and performance is great. At lower elevation the power would be fantastic.

400TA Direct drive - Darrell in Texas brings us this video of a scratch built F-15. Check out the gallery for more stuff from Darrell. The things he and Lynn do with foam is amazing. We need a video of the F-5 and a 400DF or 400DH. Wonderful scratch builders, nice to still see scratch building in the hobby. Did you see the roll rate on that F-15? NICE!!!

Extra 230 - This little sucker is pretty fun to fly. Kind of zippy. Weighing in at 19.6Oz. it takes little effort for the 400T to pull this baby around. The plane is a nice park flyer. Being 19 oz. and so small I though it would need to be flown faster then it does, it glides well for it's size.

56" Glider - Turns out this is a nice little motor for a 56" one pound glider. Gives her tons of kick over the stock 400 motor. Worth a note the flight after this we tried a 8x6 prop, with no cooling the motor came down very hot, Moral: cut some cooling vents to prolong the life of your motors.

GWS Me-109 - Flying at just over 16 oz with a 7x5 APC prop. This is an excellent upgrade for the GWS type war birds. Not sure what happened to the Audio???

More 400TA Videos Coming Soon.

450 XT Video

450XT - Flying on the SA Stella. Only the 3rd flight with this one. It's a good set up. If you have never built and flown any of the Stevens aero birds I strongly suggest you get one, fun and easy to build, and flight performance is great. This video is with the recommended 10x4.7 prop and a 3-cell not sure if it is the 1500 or the 1700 3-cell.

GWS Corsair - This is the first flight with this motor and the retirement flight for the GWS Corsair. Great plane. One of the strongest of the GWS birds I have flown. As for the motor this is a brand new model for Mile High RC. We have not got it on the test stand yet. I guessed at the 10x7 prop and looks like I was pretty close. What I liked most about it was the 25 minute flight time with the 1600 mah 3 cell pack. Granted I took it easy on the throttle as I did not take an amp reading prior to flight, but Amps must have been pretty low for that kind of flight time. Next I may try the Formosa or the Extra with a 12x3.8 prop.

Red Dragon Flat Foam type airplane - Here is the 450XT on a foamy. 10x7 prop and our 1300 mah 3cell lipo. Flying at 18-20oz. This is very good performance for our altitude. Testing a new products usually leads to a big let down. And flying a flat foam plane in wind usually leads to a crash video. That is what we were thinking anyway. This little plane is a gem. Not only did it fly in the wind but it did OK for a foamy. The tail pushed a bit in the wind but that could also be contributed to the CG being a little to far back.  Look for this plane and a few of it's cousins in the plane section of the sight.

Beaver - Ok. Ok. The 450XT is way to much motor for the GWS Beaver. The plane can not handle full throttle with this motor at least not with the 10x7 prop we were flying with. But it provides plenty of power for new flyers to get out of trouble when learning. Here is my son on his 3rd flight ever. I saved him once from a crash on the buddy box. Right after the camera shut off I looked away, and crash....

G480 - It's 45" wing span, 27 oz. flying weight, and a 3-cell 1700 mah lipo. A very nice match.

Mini Edge - Pretty nice flyer. Definitely wish we were at lower elevation. Decent thrust and speed with the 11x4.7 prop and a 3-cell 2000mah. At lower elevation would be a great 3D machine. Mrs. Mile High just misses the crash. The Edge hit the ground and gave a good 18-20 inch bounce off the ground. Flip her back over and she was ready to go again. The crash bent the mount giving it a little more down thrust. I think it was an improvement.

450XT - Flying on the SA Stella. Only the 3rd flight with this one. It's a good set up. If you have never built and flown any of the Stevens aero birds I strongly suggest you get one, fun and easy to build, and flight performance is great. This video is with the recommended 10x4.7 prop and a 3-cell not sure if it is the 1500 or the 1700 3-cell.

More 450XT Videos Coming Soon.

2314 Video

2314 - Again flying the SA G480. If you do not have one yet what are you waiting for. This video is shot with an GWS HD 12x8 prop, old 2200mah 10C pack. Static I am pulling a peak of 19 amps, 224 watts on a old but freshly charged 3-cell lipo. Good performance considering I am not a fan of the GWS props. At our altitude they just do not bit the air well. But they sure do keep the amp draw down.

More 2314 Videos Coming Soon.

500XTL Video

500XTL - A better video then below. This motor is really made for 4-cells but it is so efficient on 3-cells and gives great performance with the 12x8 prop. Flying weight of almost 30 oz., why change? This 2000 mah pack put out about 16 minutes of flight on this one. 

500XTL - Another fine landing luckily nothing broke, I'll never learn not to fly in the wind. Flying with a 13x4.7 prop it's a tad slow but has plenty of torque and gives extremely long flight times (15-20min). Enables excellent flight performance with our 3-cell 2200mah 10C packs. The 12x6 and 12x8 props have about the same torque but are a bit faster. 

More 500XTL Videos Coming Soon.

400F Type A Video

GWS Formosa - Here is our 1st built Formosa again. This time with the 400FA geared 3:1 and a 9 x 7.5 APC prop. Great combo. Again another summer storm coming through (our favorite time to fly). The video speaks for the motor. It is just Fun. 

GWS Formosa 14.8V - This is a daily blast. Sorry not much fill throttle action on this Video. Flown with a 14.8V, 400FA, geared 3:1, APC 9x7.5 prop. Motor, Lipo, and ESC all from Mile High RC.com. Admittedly the extreme edge for the spirit of the Formosa. But it's a blast, and how else can we see how many high amp flights we can get on the 400FA.

GWS Corsair Direct Drive - Awesomely fast for this little plane. If it were not for the open cowl of the Corsair this motor would fall apart from the heat. This is almost 1/2 of a 12 minute flight with a lot of wide open throttle action. Those are not jet trails, the camera has a hard time with speed. My intension was to put the lipos to a test at 20+ amps for a good hard flight. The lipos rock they came down barely warm. Turned out it was a good test for the 15 Amp rated Motor.

XE2 - Not quire sure how fast we got her up to but this is pretty fast very respectable set up. The 400DF is a bit faster with a 5" prop. But you do not give up much speed and gain a ton of vertical with the 400F.

More 400FA Videos Coming Soon.

400DF Type A Video

Extra 330L - Extra 330L Made by Rich Model works. Power with the 400DFA geared 3.9:1, 11.1V 2200mah MileHigh Lipo. A very nice flyer. Take a look at the video. Nice power, Good flying plane. Every Item from MileHighRC.com

400DF Pushing the wing - 32", 23 Oz. wing from speedwings.net. After a few slow passes to get familiar with the wind we let it go. Just in time for Mrs. Mile High to get cold and shut it down. Sorry about the choppy video, It was a cold, windy day. Great performance with the 1600 mah 3 cell, and a 5x5 prop (direct drive). Due to our altitude I am going to try a 6" prop. Then see if I can toast a motor with a small 4 cell pack and a bigger prop. On a calm day we will shoot more video to show off the speed.

GWS Corsair - The 400DF geared 3:1 with an APC 10x7 prop. The battery is an old 1600 mah 4 cell. The pack should have been thrown away about 20 flights ago. But the first few minutes of flight are still a blast with this dead pack. The same set up with 3 cell is almost as fast, at lower elevation I would expect it to be about the same. This set up is a blast, and the sound is almost life like. The sound is the combination of the gear box and the cowl flapping with the speed but really adds allot to the flight. Although usually flown with a 3 cell pack I am requested to fly this bird often at the field.  

400 DF in a Boat? Check it out, this thing rocks. Thank you to Steve for this awesome video. This is a mico-hydro outrigger made from depron. Even if you are not into boats this looks like a kick in the pants.  Oh wait a minute Steve got it going even faster check it out here Super Hooked up Here

Cap 232 - Still dialing here in but she is fun to fly. At 23 oz. the DF geared 3:1 is a perfect match for this bird. Maybe a hair on the over powered side of things but a great flying bird. Video does not do it justice it is missing the pull out power this motor provides. Once we add a little right thrust we will get another video better showing the capability of this great little plane. 

More 400DF Videos Coming Soon.

400DH Type A Video

Mini Katana - This is awesome power considering the Katana is flying at the 26oz. range, and we are at 4900 feet. This is shot with a 5.28 : 1 gear and a 11x7 prop. We usually run it with 6.3:1 and a 11x7 or 12x3.8 that gear really cuts down on the amp draw but greatly increases thrust. This set up gives a little added speed, with some loss of thrust and higher amp draw. Here is a DPR graph of this flight. Sorry about the rotten video. We were trying to get some shots of the vertical power this motor provides. The camera battery died....

Formosa - (Smaller 5Meg version Here) Nice combo for speed and excellent thrust, man I wish we were at sea level, I bet this baby would flat get out. The Formosa weighs in at 19.3 Oz. w/battery. The 400DH geared 4.5:1 with an APC 9x7.5 prop pulls it nice. Gearing of about 5.2:1 and a 10X7 prop is probably the ideal set up here. I don't think the Formosa was supposed to be flown this fast. Compared to the other planes at the field this is the fastest hands down. 

The definition of unlimited vertical. Not even a drop in the air launch, just let go and off you are... Vertical at just over 1/2 throttle, fastest Formosa in this part of the world. All at almost a mile above see level. Check out the video. Same set up as above 400DH outrunner but swapped to a 10x7 prop.  I think we used the 1500 mah 12C in this video.

More 400DH Videos Coming Soon.

2014 Type A Video

Wing Warrior XE2 - It's hard to film the speed machines.

Fliton Mini Extra 330 - This is a nice set up, flying at 26 oz the 2014 pulls this plane around with little effort. The plane is a great flyer (look for more video soon) but fragile. For an extra is slows to a crawl with no tendency for tip stalls. Transition for harrier to hover is a beauty. But CG is extremely touchy. The added weight of the DPR in this video took away all hovering capability. And a perfect landing (one of my first) resulted in a cracked up landing gear support. Although I sound down on this plane I recommend one to all it's a great flyer once set up.

Mini Edge 540 - This is a pretty nice set up for the higher altitude birds. Flying with a 2200mah 3-cell, an 11x4.7 prop. I love the rumble this set up has. To make this sound I put a dab of CA on one of the spur gear teeth. This was about the 4th flight with this bird and I am slowly dialing it in. At this point I still do not see what all the hoopla is about I do not much care for this plane. In the next video I find it a little more enjoyable.

Mini Edge 540 - This is more like it Geared 5.28:1 with the stock 12x6 prop it does great. I have not ran it to LVC yet but at 10 minutes Mrs. Mile High was asking me to land (camera gets heavy). The pack still had 11.2V in it (roughly 10V under load) so we still could have gone on a bit more. I still think it is a tad fast for this airframe. The 12x3.8 prop was a bit slower and the increased torque was very noticeable (video to come) and I finally enjoy this plane.

450TH (450-18) Videos

Mini Katana - Nice over powered set up for the Mini Katana. We have had bigger set ups in it but this plane does not respond well to being over powered... We love the transition from a short hover to flight with this motor. Hover at about a hair under 1/2 throttle, yes this is at our altitude, awesome motor.

Great Planes Super Sportster - This is the bigger sporster 48" wing span, around 3 1/2 pounds. Nice power for the 3 pound plus plane. Robert did an excellent job piloting in the wind. Great climb rate, no doubt vertical is available. The shocker is it is flying on a Mile High 2000 mah 3-cell lipo.

Extra 330S- This little 15 conversion is wound up. Geared 3:1 with 10x7 prop. Was the 2nd flight and the harshest flight it had so far. But for a $70 bird it's pretty dang tough. We are going to try going up in gear and prop. Slow it down but gain more torque. Look for video soon unless the weeds don't get mowed (watch the vid for explanation)....

G480 - The plane is 45" wing span and fly's at 27 Oz. The motor is more then enough for this plane. As this video shows a gear ratio of 3.9:1 is fine for this weight and probably more. But my flying style suits a higher pitch speed. Check the next video for a little better performance.

G480 - Oh what a difference a gear makes. We went down on gear level from 3.9:1 to 3.4:1. With an 11x4.7 prop it really woke this plane up. Still has tons of thrust to spare it picked up the speed opening the envelope a bit. Of course another one of those landings I am known for (takes off the right elevator). Not to worry it was a clean break, and she is back up in the air as I write.

More 450-18 videos soon.

450-DH (450-20) Videos

Formosa II 

400-D9 EDF Videos

400D9 Outrunner for Ducted fan's. Running in a Tiger Shark with stock 6 blade 400 size fan unit. For the local guys, yes this really is running on a 3-cell. This was the second flight on this bird, awesome power for and EDF at altitude.

Send us your Video or Pictures

Other Videos

 Doing the limo - Some shots of the limbo contest at our clubs 1st fly in.

8 Foot Telemaster - One of my fellow club members flying with one of the Tower Pro motors at my local clubs fly in. Pardon the grounds the club is brand new. (We also are testing this motor).

Heli Action - here is a quick clip of Bloom and his heli. I have to say this is pretty tame compared to the flying he usually does. Something fun to watch is 2 guys who do not care about crashing flying together. Get a 90 (piloted by cousin Chris) inverted inches off the ground, Bloom inverted inches off of him, that is a rush just to watch. Next time they get together I will try and get some video. In the mean time enjoy this quick clip.

37% Cap 580 - Here is cousin Chris  and his Cap 580 it's a tow plane with a kick. A good looking plane, but that camera man (aka: Me) needs some help. 

Crash - Here is just over a minute of RC plane crash videos. Nice to know this happens to other folks as well. Is the plane that just disappears considered a crash?

Crash - Jest are cool. But what happens if you fly into a power line?

Crash - Just where did that hill come from?

Crash - Perfect nose in landing..

Crash - Another nose in..

Crash - This one is rumored to have cost $35,000

Full Scale - Flying at the race track

Us Navy Drill Team - Check it out (not RC related).


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