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MLD 35CC Gas Engine


MLD 35CC Gas EngineRC Gas Engine

MLD 35 MLD35cc MLD 35CC

The MLD 35 comes complete with ignition and muffler, also comes with 2 different sized stand off's to fit just about any 30-35CC firewall and a firewall drill guide.

MLD 35 Perfect on the 68"-78" 3D aircraft - Size Diagram Here - Video Below

Latest Version with upgraded ignition. 2-Year warranty Serviced here at MHRC!!!



MLD35 - $269.00

Out of Stock

Free Shipping on Pre-Orders

Pitts Muffler 26CC - 30CC

Pitts Muffler for MLD35 - $39.00


 MLD 35 Perfect on the 68"-78" 3D aircraft

Displacement: 35CC / 2.14ci
Carburetor: Walbro pump
Ignition: CDI electronic ignition W/Auto timing advance
Power supply: 4.8V-8.4V
Weight 2.69lbs (43 oz) including ignition and muffler
Maximum output: 4.2 HP
Maximum RPM 9500
Idle rpm 1500 RPM
PETROL/GASOLINE: Unleaded gasoline
Oil: 2 stroke high performance (synthetic is recommended)
Mix: 1:30 to 1:45
Prop selection: 18x8 to 21x 8



Prototype Video




MLD 35CC Parts


Full line of parts available.


MLD35 Ignition $49.00


MLD35 Prop Hub $20.00

MLD 35 Front Prop Washer $6.00

MLD 35 Prop Sleeve $7.00

MLD Hall Sensor $12.40

MLD35 Case Gasket $2.40



Full Line of MLD 35 Parts drop a line for availability



All Products are guaranteed to be free from manufactures defects and operate as stated. Please take advantage of our guarantee if you have any problems. We also like to know how our products stack up and how you like them, so after use please drop us a line with your flight impressions. The more we know the more we can help the next guy.

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